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coffee talk: colombia nelson hurtado carbonic macerated natural - friedhats.

Now this right here is very special - through Friedhats we have acquired a few kilos of Colombia Nelson Hurtado Carbonic Macerated Natural. We are the only cafe with this coffee. This is a 40 hour fermented coffee bursting with clean, fruity, and juicy flavours. This will make your day before your day has even begun. There are a lot of reasons why a particular coffee can be considered "special", and it becomes increasingly difficult to define what a “special” coffee is, when we’re work with the best of the best, all day every day. Our coffee standards are high, so when we say "this coffee is very special" it's probably worth an explainer- so let's go!

In coffee, processing is the manner in which a ripe coffee fruit becomes bean ready for roasting. Historically there have been two major processes by which this is done - either wet or natural (dry). They are exactly as they sound - wet processing (at the risk of being reductive) is when coffee is hulled (run through a machine to remove the outside of the fruit) then the remaining mucilage is washed off of the bean. Natural processing coffee is essentially drying the fruit in the sun so the moisture is removed from the bean with the fruit intact before eventually hulling after a few weeks of sufficient drying.

Coffee development has rapidly evolved and is at a very exciting moment in time - excellent producers are experimenting with new processes, many of which involve various forms of fermenting coffee before fully removing the fruit from the seed, meaning the bean/seed has the opportunity to get all kinds of funky and fruity before it gets into your cup. One of these types of processes is carbonic maceration - a fermentation process most associated with winemaking that involves fermentation of batches of the whole fruit. So, often in Beaujolais or Gamay you can expect whole clusters of grapes to be fermented all together in a fermentation tank before then being pressed. Similarly, a batch of ripe coffee fruit will be sealed and fermented all together before drying and hulling.

The Colombia Nelson Hurtado Carbonic Macerated Natural by Friedhats is now available to purchase online and in store - there is a very limited amount of this coffee available - we highly recommend getting your hands on a bottle, even if you’re saving it for a rainy day.


Beaujolais: Wine producing region of France, distinct within Burgundy for its use of Carbonic Maceration.

Gamay: Grape varietal used in several regions, typically paired with Carbonic Maceration as a means of taming acidity and producing a bright berry and deep floral young wine.

Hulling: The machined process of removing the outer covering of a fruit.